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A strong
immune  system,
helps to strengthen your defences against the
enemies of faith.
By eating healthy, daily divine food which is the Word of
God that restores lives,
you shall turn away
from evil.

Because reading the bible kills: ...
Sadness                   Nehemiah 8:10
Ignorance                         John 8:32
Lack of love                      1John 4:10
Fear                                   Joshua 1:9
Loneliness                       Psalm 73:26
Lack of faith                    Psalm 147:3
Despair                            Psalm 37:5
Distress                    Deuteronomy 4:30

First, thank God for giving men intelligence, even to memorize the books of the Bible through a story for children:


Once upon a time GENESIS and EXODUS were walking along the way and saw LIVITICUS counting the NUMBERS of DEUTERONOMY, while JOSHUA was waiting for JUDGES to go see RUTH who was crying out loud SAMUEL, SAMUEL! With the group were coming the First and Second of KINGS and CHRONICLES to visit EZRA, NEHEMIAH and ESTHER who sympathized with the suffering of JOB his brother. On this visit they perceived that Mr. PSALMS was teaching his son PROVERBS concerning ECCLESIASTES and SONG of SONGS.
Curiously, this coincided with the time during ISAIAH and JEREMIAH were submerged in LAMENTATIONS because of DANIEL and EZEKIEL his friends, while at that time AMOS and OBADIAH were not near. Three days later HOSEAH, JOEL and JONAH were travelling in the same boat with MICAH and NAHUN to Jerusalem, while HABAKKUK was visiting ZEPHANIAH to whom he introduced HAGGAI, one friend of ZECHARIAH whose cousin was MALACHI.
Immediately we know the new tradition: MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE and JOHN, wrapped themselves with ACTS and with the ROMANS who behaved like the CORINTHIANS and were influenced by the GALATIANS;at the same time the EPHESIANS perceived that the PHILIPPIANS were close to the COLOSSIANS,  and they suggested to the THESSALONIANS that they first saw TIMOTHY who had gone to TITUS' house to teach PHILEMON his younger brother to read. And teach the HEBREWS, upon hearing that, JAMES asked PETER to explain the 1st, 2nd and 3rd letter of JOHN that he was going to send to JUDE so that he could interpret the REVELATION.

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