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Looking at the world around us, I am so struck by the beauty of CREATION and every time when discovering something new, my gaze turned to admiration, my heart could not contain the emotion so great until bringing  my eyes to the contemplation, exulting with joy my whole being ...

These are infinite sensations that I could not express on a piece of paper, because I simply realized that I was missing words or perhaps in the dictionaries of my entire universe, didn’t exist  what bring my heart looking for and  discovering to the ARCHITECT CREATOR, like response to my gratitude to his GREAT LOVE, SO HIGH, EXTREMELY DEEP.

This search led me to find Jesus the Christ, who teaches me through the Holy Spirit to know the Father, being    God one.

After knowing who God is, I made a commitment to serve Him. And his love inspired me with a SOLIDARITY PROJECT FOR THE PEOPLE OF GOD: Co.I.P.E.C.

In this great project challenge, we define our faith, as the axis obedient to God and our missions as the column guide of our duties and priorities for the GLORY OF GOD.

Brother Christian.








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