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The corner of testimonies  

Flight Barcelona-Mallorca 30/11/2014


I went up the plane of the flight number 29

of my life.
It was not the first time that I traveled under the rain.
When we took off we noticed slight adverse movements due to the wind and there, higher than the clouds, we did not even notice the turbulence, after about 30 minutes they announced us that we were approaching  Palmas de Mallorca isle.

As the plane was descending, we entered an instant of extreme weather agitation and inside the plane we also noticed unexpected movements.  

It is as if the plane was going through successive potholes and some unexpected turns left to right, giving us the feeling that we were on a roller coaster, looking through the glass, we observed that we were on top of the puddle (of sea water) and the wings were moving in a way that scared us.The stewardesses were all saddled on the tail of the plane without opening their mouths, while tears flowed from the eyes of some passengers.

Even a passenger who knew my colleague and boss of work who was traveling with us was screaming to my boss, "Bernardo I can't stand anymore this plane, Bernardo I can't stand anymore this plane; and so on". 

I was also moved by what was happening. The situation gave me courage and I spoke out loud to all the passengers saying, if there is someone who wants to pray with me now, raise his hand?

Instantly, the response was overwhelming and all the passengers raised their hands: I told them, let's all close our eyes.  

It was when I said, Lord thank you because You are in control of everything, thank you for all the passengers and glorify yourself in this plane now, take control of this plane, take it to the good airport under your protection, in Jesus name we pray. Amen!

All answered amen.

Instantly, in the blink of an eye, the plane was already on solid ground. I said applause for Christ, a thunder of applause was heard inside the plane.  

One of the passengers had Chinese features and kept looking at me.

What would she think?

Only one thing I know that God was with us. May the Lord bless you!
Brother Christian.


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